Period Restoration was founded to answer the desire for a beautiful, heirloom-quality home.

From the beginning, we have sought to preserve the spirit of traditional homes through appropriate materials and exacting craft techniques. Equally, we build new structures with the goal of creating unique contemporary homes that will be cherished for decades.


Established in 2009 by Randy Renner, Jr., Period Restoration has become a notable name in the St. Louis area.

Randy learned to respect the art and craft of making and building from his grandfather and later developed a genuine passion for historic architecture. Today, that family legacy gives new life to residential structures, including those listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Period Restoration takes pride in the dozens of handsome homes restored and the solid relationships built along the way as we work with craftspeople and vendors to ensure exceptional execution on every project.


Randy Renner, Jr.

Founder | Co-Owner

“I admire the achievements of architecture, in particular historic architecture. With Period Restoration, we set out to take a different approach to restoring older properties—not to adulterate the original vision with a bit of paint and wallpaper, but to preserve its integrity as much as possible. I’m quite proud that we’ve developed a reputation for doing just that.”

Randy Renner, Sr.

Founder | Co-Owner

“St. Louis has a wealth of architectural styles and periods, including those grand homes built at the time of the World’s Fair in 1904. We think preserving and restoring structurally sound ‘vintage’ homes is an endeavor that is very much worth doing and worth doing well.”